Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 40

Michael Marra Silence

Michael Marra - Silence

Listen to the Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 40

Wayhay we’ve made it to 40 podcasts! Actually there are more podcasts than this kicking around as I seem to have been doing this for years now. I must find them all – surely I must have them backed up…

Anyway here is the podcast playlist.

People And Songs Of The Sea by Compilation

Track – Farewell Tae The Haven (Davy Steele and Ceolbeg)

It was great hear Davy’s voice again when I first put on this track. Davy died in 2001 and I think his voice as been missed in the scene. I very nearly formed a band with Davy years ago with Gregor Borland but just as it happened he got the unmissable opportunity to join the Battlefield Band. He was so excited when this came along and the band definitely helped him gain the recoginition he deserved. This is a lovely arrangement by Ceolbeg as well.

Leaving Mingulay (A Fagail Mhuighalaigh) by Maggie MacInnes

Track – Beinn A’cheathaich

Maggie is the daughter of the legendary Flora McNeil and in this album you can really hear her class. The recording also sounds fantastic – it is really clear.

The Collection by The Iron Horse

Track – The Iron Horse Medley

During the ninties this band were working all over the place. It’s amazing how a band stops playing and the memories fade. They made quite a few CDs plus music for a documentary called ‘The Gamekeeper’ that was very popular. This CD captures all their past glories.

The Collection by Tannas

Track – Mairead Nan Cuiread – The Bob Parson’s Strathspey

I watched this band start and end. They started off as Fire in the Glen playing in the bars and evolved into Tannas doing concerts. For their 2nd album (they made three in all) they got Donald Shaw into produce and you can really hear his influence in the sound of the track.

This Feeling Inside by Mairi MacInnes

Track – Follow the Light

I have to admit to not knowing a lot about this album. I purely picked it because of the quality of Mairi’s vocal – it is beautiful! I’ve only met Mairi a few times but it is a joy to hear her sing here.

Silence by Michael Marra

Track – Silence

As I said in the podcast Michael is a real master. His voice on this track is brilliant. I don’t think he receives the proper recognition of his talents. Most of his records are not easily available which is a travesty. Not only is Mick a great singer songwriter he is also a painter and recently just had his first exhibition.

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