Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 38

Peatbog Faeries Live

Peatbog Faeries Live

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Hi Everybody – not been as regular as I would like apologies. Is anybody else busy but can’t remember what they’ve been doing? That’s me! Anyway the podcast is still coming every two weeks and over the last two weeks I’ve been experimenting with Ustream. Foot Stompin’ are planning an online Folk club which anybody can watch and join in. I’ll keep you updated as we go along.

Podcast Playlist:
The Automatic Eye by David Heavenor
Track – Between the Eyes
I’ve know David for a few years now and have always enjoyed his songs. The reason I picked this to start of the podcast is that it does exactly what it says on the tin – hits you right between the eyes. This is from David’s third album.

Shouts by Gary Innes and Ewan Robertson
Track – “Can’t sing tonight I’ve left my teeth at home”
You can’t beat a great tune title! I’ve been listening to this album a few times lately as I love this track. The accordion is played brilliantly. Gary is an amazing guy. Apart from being a top accordion player he is also a shinty player of the first order and regularly appears on TV and radio with his sport. If you like this you’ll like his first album How’s the Craic?. You can also download a ringtone from the Shouts album in the Foot Stompin’ Free ringtones section.

Fama Clamosa by Mackenzie
Track – Fama Clamosa
This an oldie CD but sounds really refreshing. I really like the way the girls get the African grouve behind the Gaelic.

Live by Peatbog Faeries
Track – The Anthropologist
I’m sure you’ll all be bored of me going on about the Peatbog Faeries in the podcast however here is their new Live album. I still prefer to listen to this band actually live however it was great to hear this version of The Anthropologist with Nigel Hitchcock on sax. This guy is amazing!

Hinterlands by Wendy Stewart & Gary West
Track – Full Moon Down Under
This is an interesting track. Both musicians do great work in their own right and they work together really well as a duo. This track reminds me of a landscape. What does it remind you of?

Anthem For The Common Man by Battlefield Band
Track – The Four Minute Warning
To finish off I’ve returned to one of my favourite all-time bands. This album was a real groundbreaker when it came out. It divided peoples opinions across the board. One side like the band experimenting and the other thought drum machines were blasphemy in folk music! I was with the former and while it doesn’t always work the band were very brave to move in the direction. Interestingly I think they’ve gone in the other direction now and are very traditional sounding in terms of their arrangements – with an electric keyboard!

See you the next time.