Traditional Music And Image

Red Hot Chilli Pipers Blast Live CD

Red Hot Chilli Pipers Blast Live CD

I’ve just been watching BBC ALBA and the programme Rapal. It looks at the current contemporary Scottish music scene. THe first band on it Theatre Fall were great, full of attitude and personality. It made think of the difference between traditional musicians and ‘pop’. Would we get our ideas over to the public (and sell more CDs) if our bands were to take more chances image wise and run about the stage more (!)? Whenever you see the top pop bands they look original, feel confident on the stage, not afraid to move all over it. (I say this as someone who sits rigid on the stage with a concertina on my knee and have no plan on changing this.)

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers do all this very well but have divided the scene in two – some like them some hate them! Can trad musicians do this without affecting the quality of their music? Do we need to sit down or stand still to create quality trad music? The Peatbog Faeries move around a bit and now defunct Croft No. 5 were great at it still making great music.

It would be good to see more bands trying out these ideas however would they alienate the trad music community by doing this? I suppose they should take the chance!