About Foot Stompin’

Foot Stompin' Scotland Music founder

Foot Stompin' Scotland Music founder

Foot Stompin’ (www.footstompin.com) is a Scottish online shop and information centre that aims to promote all things Scottish (Scottish Gaelic, Scots, fiddle, bagpipes (including pipe band), concertina, Scottish books and Scottish film). We host a very healthy and popular discussion forum and have a large guides section detailing Scottish festivals, events, heroes, historical figures and much more.  Our popular Ayepod Scotland Music podcast ranks high in the itunes searches for Scottish music and features the brilliant Scottish musicians who tour the world. You can listen to that here http://www.footstompin.com/radio.

Come an visit us and say hello.

6 Responses

  1. I found the Ayepod podcast on itunes and now download it regularly. I’m a scottish lass living over in NZ so it’s great to get a little taste of home every fortnight.
    I’ve always loved trad music but struggled to know where to find out about bands, gigs etc. It’s good to now have a reliable source!
    Keep it up

  2. Hello from Nova Scotia,I just found you your site and like what I hear and I’ll pass on to others here in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) Canada. I am a member of the oldest Scottish Society outside Scotland; The Scotts founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1768.

    Regards Kinnon

  3. Yes Simon – http://www.thescotts.ca; you may also be interested in another site, Nova Scotia’s own “Caledonian Fiddle Orchestra” directed by the President of our Society. http://www.caledonianorchestra.com



  4. Simon-
    Greetings from California, USA.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying FootStompin podcasts and have been since around podcast number 16 (and have since downloaded the rest)!

    Just wanted to leave a big ‘thanks’ out here for you. You’ve introduced so much Scottish music to me that I wouldn’t have possibly found otherwise. Also, thank you for featuring Salsa Celtica. It’s blowing my mind. I am amazed at the melodious blends they are able to create out of seemingly opposite spectra of music.

    As always, loving your choices for the podcast! Keep up the great work.



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