Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 43 (mid August 2009)

Four Seasons in One Day by Alistair McCulloch

Four Seasons in One Day by Alistair McCulloch

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Hi Folks,

Summertime’s always busy when the kids are off school. I always feel very guilty working with them in the house. Working at a computer is such a non sharing activity. You just look ahead and see nothing but the screen. Hanging out the washing, loading the dishwasher, hoovering are fine because they can follow you around playing games etc. I find this guilt the most incapacitating thing about home working. Making the podcast is always funny as you have to shut the office door as the TV is often blaring with some cartoon and often if you listen carefully to the chat in the show you can hear the telly in the distance! Also with the door shut you can’t see anything and the kids know this and use the time to hit each other which inevitably ends in tears and you have to open the door again and record with the noise. In my early podcasts I used to do them with one child sitting on my knee. I must find them for a laugh.

As I said on the podcast this weekend its the World Pipe band Championships in Glasgow. As usual there’s an amazing lineup of bands from all over the world (apart from Lahore as they’ve strangely been refused entry). It’s been broadcast live on BBC online which is brilliant. You can watch it here YOu can catch all the results on the Foot Stompin’ results page here

So to mark this fact I’ve featured two pipe bands on the podcast. We start off with Twelve Thousand Miles by Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band. This is a great sound and I love the way they’ve recorded the start of the track The Road To Lipetsk.

Alistair McCulloch is a great fiddler who performs in many different bands. This set of reels from his album Four Seasons In One Day is really kicking – he must of been knackered after playing Marco’s Reel/Jim Connor’s Welcome To Grand Central Station/Gibby Gray/Trip To Shanghai. I can’t stop thinking of Crowded House when I hear the album title though!

This next album is the fifth collection of Old Songs and Bothy Ballads to be recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend. The Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: Grand to be a Working Man album comes from the May 2008 singing weekend. I picked this track because I love community singing. I don’t think it gets any better when every voice in the room sings the chorus. Jimmy Hutchinson is one of Scotland’s top tradition bearers.

I don’t know anything about this next band unfortunately apart from it really swings and I would dance to it! Dance for Joy by Reel of Seven

Our second pipe band track. The thing that drew me to these Parade Marches is I used to play them every other weekend in the 65th Edinburgh Boys Brigade Pipe Band. I can still picture the rainy gala days and muddy spats. The track comes from the album Legacy by the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band

We finish up this podcast with Stramash by Colin Steele. Colin has been working on and performing this project for the last few years and it has gone down a storm. As you will hear from the track Steele’s Reels, it is a great fusion of traditional and jazz music featuring many of Scotland’s top musicians.