Greentrax Recordings

I just wanted to do a quick blog on Greentrax Recordings. This record company has pretty much held Scottish music together over the last 20 odd years continuously releasing music every month of the year. They’ve recorded most of the main Scottish bands and have a great reputation for honesty and integrity. It’s not easy being a record company but Greentrax have pulled it off! As long as I can remember Ian and June Green (founders) have been selling LPs, cassettes, CDs and they’re still doing it. Greentrax release 2 CDs a month which keep companies like¬†going. Their back catalogue is amazing – from Jean Redpath to Dick Gaughan to Shooglenifty to Peatbog Faeries. There are other record companies out there of course who have done good jobs (including our own Foot Stompin’ Records) but I’m sure that we would all admit to their being only one top dog. Long live Greentrax and their legacy.

You will find many Greentrax CDs at Foot Stompin’.