A musician’s worth

I'm currently on tour in Germany and I have been thinking of the way ahead for me as a musician. We went to perform an outdoor gig in Jena on a Sunday afternoon (my hopes weren't raised at this point) and found that the act preceeding us were a group of young gymnasts playing loud music. As soon as seen this I said to myself this is not a gig that I want to do. I might have considered it 20 years ago when I was starting out but not now. It was a humiliating thought standing there waiting to go on thinking 'is this where I'm at?' The previous night we had played to 5 people in a small club in Chemnitz and I was already questioning things.

I have now decided that I am worth more than this. 

After playing concertina for 25 years and having reached a high standard of perfomance I'm not going to play any old gigs for for no reason no matter what country I'm in. This situation is not the fault of promotors/agents as I agree to the terms at the outset. I need to decide what my terms are and stick to them. 

I'm not a bread head and money is not a motive for me but I'm not going to play crap gigs for no reason. The way ahead is when I go out, I'm going to work out what I want from the tour (should have been doing this long ago) and if this is a problem I'm will not take the engagement. I'm too busy with all my other work to deal with the fallout from this kind of thing. This might sound big headed and obnoxious but I don't mean to be – I just can't do it any longer. 

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