About Simon Thoumire

Welcome to my blog. I wear many hats but they all fit within Scottish music and culture.

My musical aim has always been to make music that interests me and I am constantly exploring new ideas and sounds that contribute to my projects. I enjoy making music that is traditional or explorative or a little bit of both. The one theme that threads throughout all my projects is the Scottish identity, culture and all aspects of life associated with them. I am a big believer in our nation and its qualities (although not all positive) and I want my activities to reflect this. I play concertina and have been lucky enough to have performed all the world seeing different cultures and meeting new people. You can some of my musical adventures here (www.myspace.com/simonthoumire) and read more at www.simonthoumire.com. I’ve played in various bands but my main gig is now with amazing pianist Dave Milligan http://www.davemilligan.co.uk/davemilligan/home.html. We’ve recorded 2 albums The Big Day In and Third Flight Home.

For more information about my other projects please check out the following websites: Foot Stompin’ Records (www.footstompin.com), Hands Up for Trad (www.handsupfortrad.co.uk), Distil (www.distil.org.uk), Simon Thoumire www.simonthoumire.com.

2 Responses

  1. You wear lots of hats? Is that meant to be literal? Ha, well, if it is, then I’ll say I love fuzzy socks in the winter. And the song Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer! Sorry, I’m not sure if you would know about that song… If you don’t, you should look into it, a strange yet funny Christmas song! 😀
    But if that wasn’t meant to be literal, then I love your music and you play the English concertina wonderfully. Really, I’d never heard of it until I saw you play it on YouTube. So now I like it. Is it some form of accordion?

  2. Just saying, not that it really matters or anything, but I’m Scarlett, my dad’s name is Randy. I’m using his mail. So, yeah, just thought I’d say that. And thanks for the information about the English concertina!! 🙂

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