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Scotland Music is a blog showcasing free Scottish music podcasts and discussion. In it Simon Thoumire will look at issues affecting Scottish music and feature Scottish bands, ceilidh bands, Gaelic, Scotland Song, Bagpipes (pipe band), fiddle, harp music, Scottish dancing (including highland dancing) and much more. Visit our Scottish music website at www.footstompin.com to hear, read and learn lots more about Scottish music and culture.

5 Responses

  1. Will you be making a Gaelic blog as well, or introduce bilingual sections to this one?

  2. Hi Alasdair, Unfortunately I don’t speak Gaelic so I won’t be starting a Gaelic blog. I’m very interested in Gaelic music and the issues facing it and I play it very frequently on our Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music podcast. If you have a gaelic blog i’ll happily link to it.

  3. Hi Simon,
    I have been downloading and enjoying your podcast for quite a while. I had a chance to travel in Scotland last month and took a couple of your podcasts with me to listen to on the plane ride over. I ended up on a small tour bus traveling around the highlands and Orkney. Our tour guide was playing Scottish music over the bus sound system from her ipod. When she asked if anyone had anything else they would like to play, I passed by my ipod with your podcasts on it. Everyone just loved it the music, and your introduction to Gary Innes/Ewan Rovertson’s song “Can’t sing tonight, for I left my teeth at home” totally cracked up the bus. No one had heard of your podcast, so I gladly provided the link. Funny that an American traveling in Scotland would introduce them to their music! I also had a chance to attend a ceilidh in Oban and saw Session A9 perform. They were incredible, you should check them out. One of their members also plays for the Peatbog Faeries. Of course, no Scottish music would be complete without the classic “Flower of Scotland” by The Corries.
    I am back in the US now. I love the podcast, and miss Scotland already. Keep up the good work.
    Tom Smith, Lakeville Minnesota, USA

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your post it really cheered me up! Session A9 are one of my favourite bands. I’ll play a track on the next podcast for you.
      Cheers, Simon

  4. Simon
    Simon Thanks so much for the podcasts – it makes comuting in Sydney almost a pleasure!! BTW have you heard of a great wee up and coming trio from Renfrew and surrounds – Quirky Jade?? Three lassies – Aileen, Izzi and Joni singing mainly unaccompanied and covering everything from their own original perspective to traditional and folk from Scotland (including Burns and Gaelic). A bit eclectic which makes for a varied programme and some surprises!! Playing tomorrow in Paisley
    http://www.paisleyfestivalcompany.com/process_tickets.php?Eve_id=231&action=select and can be heard at http://www.reverbnation.com/quirkyjade. Keep up the great podcast!! Mairi

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