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Foot Stompin’ Newsletter 25th February 2010

The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol.2

The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol.2

Hi there,

For the last week of February we’re offering one of our best selling CDs for £4.99 (60% of normal price). It’s Laughing Girl by virtuoso Shetland fiddler Jenna Reid. The Herald when reviewing the CD said of Jenna’s playing “Expect sparks to fly – and a good greet when she puts her heart and soul into the sad tunes”. http://bit.ly/2L0tQ1

1. New Releases – includes The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol.2, Ceol Uibhist Volume 2
2. Fiddlers’ Bid – All Dressed in Yellow. Have you heard it?
3. Book of the Week – Precious and the Puggies
4. Scottish Music Hero – John D. Burgess. MBE 1934 – 2005.
5. Snippets – includes Twitter Helps Spread Gaelic to Spain, Bothy Ballad Champion of Champions 2010.
6. Foot Stompin’ FREE Scottish Music Ringtone
7. Reviews includes Archie Fisher
8. Best Sellers: includes Session A9, Mary Ann Kennedy and Na Seoid
9. Foot Stompin’ Scotch Whisky – Strathisla 40 Year Old
10. Discussion forum
11. Testimonials
12. Foot Stompin’ on Facebook and Twitter

1. New Releases (remember if you’ve bought from us before you get our loyalty 10% discount off everything)

ANOTHER NATIONAL BARD!! The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Vol.2:  Since the centenary edition of his works and festivities in Paisley in 1874, which drew crowds of 15,000 to celebrate his life and art, Robert Tannahill has been sadly neglected. But thanks to Dr Fred Freeman, a project to record over 100 of Robert Tannahill’s  songs over five volumes is well under way. We are delighted to have Volume 2 available this week. Tannahill’s work is of a quality that compares with Robert Burns, and these songs constitute his great legacy.  This is a lovely album which features some of Scotland’s finest singers and musicians. £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

UIST MUSIC!! Ceol Uibhist Volume 2: Ceolas, the music song and dance summer school set within the Gaelic speaking community of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides have just released a new CD! It features more of the many Tradition Bearers in Uist today. Included are songs and piping from Catriona Garbutt, songs from Duncan MacKinnon, Paul McCallum, Janice Simpson, dance music from ‘Na Deasaich’, Calum Iain MacCorquodale, Angus Ailig MacDonald and more…..£11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

READY TO DANCE!! Ready..And! -Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent: A lovely CD of Scottish dance music  played by Bobby Brown with his two great ensembles ‘The Scottish Accent’ and the ‘Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers’. Joining them are the renowned Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser and, for one selection, two brilliant pipers from the 48th Highlanders of Canada Regiment, Pipe Major Reay Mackay and Pipe Major Sandy Dewar.  Bobby and his two groups have performed at concerts and dances throughout the Celtic world, and have toured Europe and Canada several times. £11.69 (£12.99 for first time customers)

COLLECTOR’S ITEM!! Binneas is Boreraig (Disc One) Audio CD – Piobaireachd by Malcolm Ross MacPherson: This is an 18 track CD (part of a 110 tune collection) recorded by Malcolm MacPherson (Calum Og) in 1959 as a companion to the Binneas Is Boreraig music book series. Pipers everywhere will be aware that these recordings represent a master player in his later years – with the benefit of a lifetime to re-study and reflect on the music passed down to him by a long line of piping greats. Malcom Ross MacPherson’s line of piping goes back directly to the MacCrimmons, through Malcolm’s father Angus, his grandfather Calum Piobaire and his great-grandfather Angus Cam, to the great Skye masters. It was the MacCrimmons whose mastery of Piobaireachd, the ancient classical music of the Highlands of Scotland, was unrivalled at any time in history.  £11.69 (£12.99 for first time customers)


Binneas is Boreraig Volume 1 (book): This historical work edited by Dr Roderick Ross was first published 50 years ago and broke new ground in the publication of piobaireachd music. Subsequent volumes in the series were combined in the Binneas Complete Collection but  this book, containing 10 tunes, is the original first edition and has now become something of a collector’s item. A limited number are now available thanks to a discovery made in the College of Piping storeroom! Tunes covered are MacLeod Controversy, MacLeod of Colbeck, Craigellachie, Menzies Salute, Lament for the Chilkdren, MacFarlane’s Gathering, King’s Taxes, MacLeod’s Salute, Donald Duaghal MacKay and the Blind Pipers’s Obstinacy which can all be found on the CD ‘Binneas is Boreraig (Disc One)’ played by Malcolm Ross MacPherson. In their time, both the books and the original recordings were well used by real exponents of the high art of Piobaireachd. £5.39 (£5.99 for first time customers)

Remember unlike many other websites you can speak to Foot Stompin’ on the telephone! Get us on +44 (0)131 441 3135 and we’ll help you anyway we can. We take all credit cards.

2. Fiddlers’ Bid – All Dressed in Yellow. Have you heard it?
I just thought I would flag up this amazing CD. I believe that Fiddlers’ Bid have made one of the best Scottish fiddle records ever. They have taken their own Shetland music (which they obviously love) and whilst not departing from their tradition in the slightest have created something completely modern and exciting. Their is playing is inspirational and the way the music is shared between the band is amazing. If you’re looking to buy one fiddle CD this decade this is it!

3. Book of the Week – Precious and the Puggies
A brand new book in Scots for younger readers by one the world’s favourite authors Alexander McCall Smith. It tells the story of the girlhood adventures of Precious Ramotswe, founder of the Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Wee Precious must solve her very first case involvin her freend Sepo, a piece and some cheeky puggies (monkeys) and so become a detective….

“Somebody wis breakin Rule Nummer Yin. Somebody in Precious Ramotswe’s schuil wis pauchlin things. First there wis Tapiwa’s cake, syne there wis Sepo’s jeely piece. Whit wid be nixt? Wha wis the thief? And hoo wis Precious gonnae mak shair that the wrang person didna get the blame?”

The author has decided that Precious and the Puggies appears in print in the Scots language for a year before it is translated into English or any other language.  He writes “I have long admired the Scots language and I admire people who are determined that we should not forget how to speak and read Scots…’ This wee book is translatit intae Scots by James Robertson an published by ‘Itchy Coo’ who specialise in Scots language books. It has a hard cover and a ‘Precious Ramontswe’s Guide to Scots words’ in the back. £8.99(£9.99 for first time customers)

4. Scottish Music Hero – John D. Burgess. MBE 1934 – 2005.
John D Burgess was a phenomenon in the world of piping.  At the age of four he began to take an interest in playing when his father made a scaled-down practice chanter for him.  When he was ten he went for lessons to the legendary Pipe Major William Ross at Edinburgh Castle, and from this his rise was meteoric.  From being an infant prodigy he beacame a boy genius, whose playing in juvenile competitions brought professional pipers in large numbers into the audience.

In 1950, at the age of sixteen, he started his professional career – and started at the top.  In his first appearance he won the Gold Medals for piobaireachd playing at both the Argyllshire Gathering, Oban, and the Northern Meeting, Inverness, an achievement never before dreamed of and never likely to be equalled.  In addition he won the march at Oban, the strathspey and reel at Inverness, and several other prizes, making him easily the most successful competitor at these two premier meetings.  Since then he won all the major awards, many of them several times.

In 1952 he was invited, with Pipe Major William Ross, to visit Canada and the United States, and this tour carried the legend of his brilliance to a wide and appreciative audience.  He then spent some time in the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders before joining the famous Edinburgh Police Pipe Band, of which he eventually became pipe major.  Later he moved to the Invergordon Distillery Band when this amazing “band of talents” was formed.  After two years – when this interesting experiment was discontinued – he decided to stay in the North, where the atmosphere seemed more conducive to the maturing of his ability.  There he had further help in piobaireachd interpretation from the old master Angus MacPherson, whose piping is two generation straight from the MacCrimmons.

Read the complete article about this amazing man… http://www.footstompin.com/public/article/celtic_music_heroes/john_d_burgess
Check out John’s CD http://bit.ly/cB15fV

5. Snippets
Hebridean Celtic Festival: Hall of Fame Nomination
The Hebridean Celtic Festival is pleased to announce its very own ‘Hall of Fame’. To mark its 15th anniversary in 2010 we are highlighting some of the superb artists, performances and experiences enjoyed by HebCelt audiences over past years.

Scottish Arts Council awards Scots Music Group £75,750
Congratulations to the Edinburgh-based Scots Music Group who are celebrating a share of almost £800,000 to connect people through the arts and encourage long-lasting links between people, places and ideas.

When Nicola Benedetti Met Aly Bain
They both play violin but their music is worlds apart…Nicola is one of the leading lights of the classical world and Aly is a bedrock of the Scottish folk scene. Could be a great programme – BBC Two Scotland, 10.00-10.30pm on Tuesday 2nd March.

Stompin’ in Oban!! Job Opportunity
Skipinnish Cèilidh House is  looking to recruit 3 full time musicians for the busy summer season at the Skipinnish Cèilidh House in Oban. From 23rd June – 12th September 2010

Let’s hear it for Paisley!
The town of Paisley has been named as the official host town for the Royal National Mod 2013, one of Scotland’s biggest music festivals … It is the first time the town will have hosted the event after previously losing out to Stornoway in the 2008 race.

Creative Scotland is looking for a new Chair and Board Members
Do you think you could make a difference to the newly formed Creative Scotland? Now here’s your chance – why not apply!

New Folk Presenter on Heartland fm
The popular Perthshire radio station has a new presenter – Katherine Liley – for their folk programme “‘Celtic Celebrations'”

Treacherous Orchestra Tour Dates
The turbo-charged 13-piece supergroup featuring pipes, accordian, fiddles, whistles, flutes, electric guitar, banjo, bass, drums and percussion are on tour 26th March – 10th April. Don’t miss them!

A buzz in the Borders!
A species of bumblebee has been spotted in Scotland for the first time in 50 years. The Southern Cuckoo bumblebee was found near the border with England at St Abbs in Berwickshire. It is black and yellow like other types but the male has distinctive antennae and is named after the cuckoo because it moves into the nests of other bees. …Matt McGinn had a song about a bee..

6. Foot Stompin’ FREE Scottish Music ringtone
Here a great ringtone from top Scottish fiddle band Blazin’ Fiddles. This track Miss Johnstone makes everybody smile when they hear you phone ring! (You’ll find it down the page a bit!) http://bit.ly/6H7zj6

7. Reviews.

CD: Long Road Home –  Stringjammer.  4 stars. Reviewed in Scotland on Sunday
Conrad Ivitsky blew around the world for years as the bass player in Shooglenifty, but remains restlessly explorative. In Stringjammer he’s the singing captain of a changeable crew of musical pirates who have bonded in their disrespect of frontiers. Frets, folktronica, free reeds and fiddle, rolling rhythms, Latin jazz licks, country blues and quirky percussion come and go with the mists in just half a dozen myth and dream-laden songs. It’s winsome, clever stuff and you won’t resist the urge to smile….NC

CD: Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band. Reviewed for Maverick Magazine
A poignant and heartfelt wonderful album to treasure, each song an absolute gem.A simply beautiful sound that is hard to come by.

CD: Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into – Archie Fisher. Customer Review  5 Stars
This album by Archie surely ranks as one of his best great song with Archie’s warm delivery a fantastic album for someone who would like a gentle start in their folk collection…Cheerydavie

CD: Shipwrecks And Static – Inga Thomson. 4 stars. Reviewed in Scotland on Sunday
The Shetland accordionist, keyboard player and songwriter (and member of the Karine Polwart Trio) lets her imagination go in this solo album. Child-like in its approach, with Heidi Talbot and Rory Campbell on additional vocals, Tom Cook sharing instrumental duties, and a wee spot from hubby Martin Green, the album mixes sincere acoustica with quirky electronica and found percussion, to disconcerting effect. There are even harmonies from an Armenian cave. Cheerfully mesmerising….Norman Chalmers

8. Best Sellers

CD The Early McKellar: Kenneth McKellar
20 tracks first recorded by one of Scotland’s most popular tenor voices, more than 50 years ago remastered and now available on CD.

CD The Desperate Battle of the Birds – Breabach
With their dual bagpipes, fiddle, whistles  guitar and song are one of the most inventive and diverse bands to have emerged from the Scottish folk scene in recent years.

Bottlenecks and Arm Breakers by Session A9
Exciting CD from Capercaillie’s Charlie McKerron and other top fiddlers. £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

Mary Ann Kennedy and Na Seoid by Mary Ann Kennedy and Na Seoid
Top Gaelic singer come together to make a fantastic CD of Gaelic song including some unexpected classics! £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

Partners in Crimeby Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson
This is a energy piping CD with a twist. This has sold a lot of copies to pipers all over the world who are amazed at these guys dexterity. £11.69 (£12.99 for first time customers)

Fairest Floo’erby Karine Polwart
Karine is normally known for her brilliant self-penned songs but many of us know Karine firstly for her beautiful renditions of Scottish traditional songs. Fairest Floo’er was a triumph in Scots song. Get it now! £8.09 (£8.99 for first time customers)

9. Foot Stompin’ Scotch Whisky

We’ve partnered again with the excellent Master of Malt to offer you the very best in Scotch Whisky. This malt from the Strathisla whisky distillery draws its waters from the calcium rich, peat-less Broomhill Spring. Rumour has it, kelpies – the supernatural shape shifting water horses from Scottish folk lore – haunt the spring at night!

Strathisla 40 Year Old – Gordon and MacPhail (70cl, 43%): A 40 year old single malt for under £100! You really don’t see many like this… The nose is rich and full. There are notes of sweet vanilla fudge with caramelised fruits and charred toasty oak with spice and gentle, cold wood smoke. £99.95

10. Foot Stompin’ Discussion Forum

Have you got something to say? Why not visit our discussion forum. Here are two subjects being discussed at the moment.

Shetland Council propose to charge pupils £160 a year for their music lessons
They have to make £1.5million in savings….

The end of an Era: Farewell from the Garden Sessions
Regrettably, the internet radio station with a special interest in folk music has closed down..

11. Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic music podcast.  I live in Israel and don’t get to enjoy Scottish music like this often.  Thanks! Jonatha Degai

Just wanted to say great newsletter, catalog and service.  I live in the U.S., and you sent my CDs across the ocean faster than the “big river” guys, if you know what I mean. Kevin H.

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Knockengorroch World Ceilidh Line-Up announced

Treacherous OrchestraKnockengorroch World Ceilidh Line-Up Confirmed! 27-30 May at Knockengorroch farm in Dumfries and Galloway. Lineup includes Treacherous Orchestra, Lunasa, King Creosote and many more.

Traditional Arts Working Group Report

Have you read the Traditional Arts Working Group Report yet? Definitely worth a look. http://bit.ly/c1we3L

Foot Stompin’ February 10th newsletter

Calum MacCrimmon - Man's Ruin

Calum MacCrimmon - Man's Ruin

We’ve a great special offer for you this week. We’re offering you Shona Mooney’s Award winning CD, Heartsease (Mojo Magazine’s CD of the Year) for £4.99 – 60% off retail price. A reviewer said of it “Shona’s playing dazzles with vibrancy, and delights with its combination of verve, technical expertise and soul… Her sheer delight in playing and communicating the music beams directly out to the listener.” David Kidman http://bit.ly/bXFEXK

1. New Releases – includes Calum MacCrimmon, Duncan Johnstone, Gaberlunzie
2. Legendary Scottish Singers – Kenneth McKellar
3. Snippets – Petition to Save Scottish Music Course!
4. Foot Stompin’ FREE Scottish Music ringtone- Mairearad and Anna
5. Reviews – includes Mick West, Pur
6. Best Sellers: includes Breabach, Fraser Fifield, Oor Wullie
7. Foot Stompin’ Scotch Whisky – Glenmorange & Oban
8. Discussion forum
9. Testimonials
10. Foot Stompin’ on Facebook and Twitter

1. New Releases (remember if you’ve bought from us before you get our loyalty 10% discount off everything)

WINE, WOMEN & SONG!! Man’s Ruin – Calum MacCrimmon: Calum MacCrimmon, piper and whistle player with popular folk band Breabach, has shown his composing and vocal talents on this brilliant new release. It’s packed with great contemporary songs and tunes and a fab list of guest musicians in the shape of Innes Watson – guitars, dobro, fiddle; Duncan Lyall – bass; Paul Jennings – drum kit, cajon; Rick Taylor – trombone; Nigel Hitchcock – sax; John Somerville – accordion; Darren MacLean – Gaelic song. Calum himself is lead vocalist and plays electric guitar & whistles. The only piping featured on this album is the saucy picture on the cover! We love it! £11.70 (£12.99 for first time customers)

THE MASTER’S ART!! Pipe Tunes – Duncan Johnstone: The tracks on this CD come from two early LPs recorded by an obvious master of the art of piping. Duncan (1925 – 1999) was first and foremost a ‘musician’, and this was clearly evident not only in his playing but also in his composing and teaching. He was one of the finest pipers of his generation and piping enthusiasts will enjoy this opportunity to hear one of the ‘greats’. £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

REVIVAL MUSIC!! The Times They Are A-Changin’ (2 CDs) – The Ian Campbell Folk Group : We were delighted to come across this amazing collection of 62 tracks from the band who were a leading light of the 1960s folk revival.The tracks cover the recordings from 10 of the groups albums from 1964 onwards. They made many appearances on radio, television, and at national and international festivals and had a hit single with their recording of Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’. Two of the members – Dave Swarbrick and Dave Pegg – went on to fame with ‘Fairport Convention’. The Ian Campbell Folk Group were a trendsetting group who influenced so many others, This double CD is a real gem, and a snapshot of the vibrant folk scene at the time. Excellent sleeve notes too! £9.89 (£10.99 for first time customers)

TRAVELLIN’ MEN!! The Shire Of Kinross: – Gaberlunzie: By all accounts a ‘gaberlunzie’ was a travelling singer and storyteller. Robin Watson and Gordon Menzies have been together as Gaberlunzie since the early 1970s and have have travelled widely entertaining audiences with their blend of modern and traditional songs. On this CD, the duo have stayed close to home with a selection of songs and tunes from their home area of Kinross. £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

NIGHT-CLUBBIN!! Reeltime – Keeping It Reel: Wild, pipe-led dance-music! The album is a compilation of selected contemporary works featuring bagpipes, large and small, played by Roddy Deans and a variety of Scotland’s session musicians. A CD of mixed musical flavours from around the world given a modern Scottish twist. £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

CALUM’S BACK!! Calum Kennedy – Songs in Gaelic: We are delighted to say that after an absence of several months (due to the illness of the sole supplier) we have managed to get some more of this beautiful and popular CD back into stock. Here’s a chance to sit down for an hour and listen again to the beautiful gentle tone and wonderful range of Calum Kennedy’s voice when he sung in his native Gaelic. Sublime! £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

CDs from other artists of bygone days also now available again include:

Robert Wilson The Voice of Scotland: (3 volumes available) http://bit.ly/dalc1w
Father Sydney MacEwan (Silver Threads.. & Bonnie Mary of Argyle) http://bit.ly/bjitmE
Harry Gordon – The Laird o’ Inversnecky: http://bit.ly/aYakgb
The Cornkisters (3 volumes available): http://bit.ly/aTrQuP
Dancing Memories (4 volumes available) http://bit.ly/9RBJAS
Jimmy Blue Scottish Dance Band: http://bit.ly/aVfTeu
Joseph Hislop – Songs From Scotland: http://bit.ly/brSfEt
Jim Cameron’s Scottish Dance Band (3 volumes available): http://bit.ly/a8NZZM

Remember you can also buy from Foot Stompin’ by phone – +44 (0)131 441 3135. We take all credit cards. If you like a friendly voice at the end of your phone we’re here!

2. Legendary Scottish Singers – Kenneth McKellar

Scottish tenor Kenneth McKellar was born in Paisley in 1927. He originally studied Forestry at Aberdeen University, after graduation working for the Scottish Forestry Commission. He later trained at the Royal College of Music as an opera singer. Kenneth’s great talent as a singer first came to public notice in 1947 through a broadcast with the BBC in Glasgow. “It was the ballad opera The Gentle Shepherd, by the early 18th century Scottish poet Allan Rarnsay,” he recalls. “The music for it was arranged by Cedric Thorpe Davie, who was Professor of Music at St.Andrew’s University. I sang the main tenor part in that. It was very beautiful. That was my introduction to broadcasting.”

He did not enjoy his time with the Carl Rosa Opera Company and left them to pursue a career singing traditional Scottish songs and other works. A year after he left opera for good he signed with the Decca Record Company where he remained for over 25 years during which time he recorded some 35 or more LPs which have sold many millions of copies throughout the world. He was a star of both radio and television and even represented the UK in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest. His Songs of Robert Burns album is regarded in Scotland as the definitive Burns collection. His recordings in Paisley Abbey, Sacred Songs and Hosana are among the best-loved ever to come out of Scotland.

Foot Stompin’ has some beautiful recordings by Kenneth McKellar:
Kenneth McKellar – The Decca Years (1955-1975): http://bit.ly/bsxqQl
The Very Best Of Kenneth McKellar : http://bit.ly/arLjqa
The Early McKellar: http://bit.ly/bR1xRV
To Robert Burns, A Tribute: http://bit.ly/9thPhC
Kenneth McKeller’s Book of Hymns: http://bit.ly/bdYUmL

3. Snippets

Petition to Save top Scottish Music Degree!
One of the most sought-after music courses in Scotland is threatened with closure…there’s a petition to try and stop the axe falling on the BA Applied Music course at Strathclyde University which has seen many young traditional musicians among its graduates. More details here: http://bit.ly/9ieqM4

Awards galore!
Lots of Scottish singers and bands have been nominated in the 2010 Spiral Awards. You can vote for Border’s Tunesmiths and Fiddlers’ Bid (both in Instrumental Album), Lau (Best Original Song), Kris Drever (Best male singer), Alyth McCormack (Best female singer), Lau and Karine Polwart (Best Live Act). Vote here http://bit.ly/cMVVp8

Wee Precious!
Alexander McCall Smith’s new novel d”Precious and the Puggies” (monkeys) due for publiclation next month is to be released only in the Scots language. The author has decided that it appears in print in the Scots language for a year before it is translated into English or any other language. http://bit.ly/a9QR2w

Rallying call!
Annual Inverness Fiddlers Rally takes place Saturday 13th February 2010 at Eden Court Theatre. Be there or be square! http://bit.ly/dcsZmY

Road to Sunset: A Life of Lewis Grassic Gibbon
A lovely radio programme about the life of Lewis Grassic Gibbon  the writer of Scottish classic ‘Sunset Song’. It can still be accessed on BBC Radio Scotland. http://bit.ly/bfAyti

Anyone know about a group of travellers who went over to North America from Perthshire about 150 years ago, who still travel across a number of states including Arizona? They apparently speak (Ar Cainnt) Gaelic or Cant in English. http://bit.ly/cRE9Yn

Piping Summer School in Tuscany
Piper Hamish Moore is delighted to announce an exciting new Summer School for Piping, Traditional Music and Dance, to be held in Barga in Tuscany where he spent 2008 as musician in residence. Barga dates back a thousand years and is a walled hill town of astounding beauty… http://bit.ly/9o1ker

The Muckle Sing Again!.
An extra day (21st February) has been added to this popular event which encourages community song groups and choirs.  There’s room for indivisdual singers too.  It will be a repeat of the Saturday’s programme (now fully booked) Howden Park Centre Livingston, West Lothian.. Booking details : http://bit.ly/axo0Le

Trad in the Park
A weekend of traditional music making At Highland Adventure, Glenisla with two of the country’s most respected traditional musicians. Including one half-day’s outdoor activity. For musicians of S3 and above of intermediate or advanced playing / singing ability.

4. Foot Stompin’ FREE Scottish Music ringtone
Here’s our latest Free Scottish music ringtone. It’s a tune from the new Mairearad and Anna CD. It’s very cheery and guaranteed to make you smile. http://bit.ly/6H7zj6

5. Reviews

CD:  Sark o Snaw. 5 stars reviewed in Scotland on Sunday .
This masterful album of traditional songs was created over hundreds of years, by many thousands of individuals, and their spirit remains palpable in West’s deeply moving and authentically Scots voice. Each of these 11 evergreen songs is given a carefully wrought, modernist accompaniment that dramatises the ballads (Chylde Owlett), conjures mystery (Well Below The Valley) or remains simple and demurely touching (Kelvin’s Purling Stream). Go listen to it…Norman Chalmers

CD: Pur reviewed in The Scots Magazine
If, like me, you span both Scottish cultures, it is maybe too easy to approach this CD with some apprehension, in case attempts to Gaelicise Burns result in McGonagall-esque Gaelic doggerel — but this is definitely not the case, and the resulting synthesis is pleasing in the extreme. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to realise that two cultures are being welded together . . . seamless is perhaps the word. I can’t help thinking that it’s a shame we don’t spend more time considering what unites us rather than what separates us, and that this time of the Scottish cultural year should be encouraged for simply that.

CD: Don’t Sing Love Songs by Maeve Mackinnon. Five Stars. Scotland on Sunday
“From the crunchy opening string chords and cross-rhythmic tension, you know an unusual musical intelligence is at work. The title comes from the Stateside favourite ‘Silver Dagger’, and while the Scots ‘Cruel Brither’ makes an appearance, most of the songs are in Gaelic. Striking arrangements might on occasion overshadow a song, but this is one of the most absorbing albums to be released in Scotland for a long time.”.. Norman Chalmers

CD: Songs in Gaelic – Calum Kennedy. Customer Review
This CD is a must for Calum’s many fans.His wonderful romantic voice confirms he was the greatest gaelic singer of his generation. I was privileged to hear him singing in his prime.A great loss to the Scottish musical scene. (Mr Tom Aitchison)

6. Best Sellers

CD: The Desperate Battle Of The Birds By Breabach
Latest CD from top Scottish band. http://bit.ly/aJ7FrR

CD: Sark o’ Snaw by Mick West Band
Mick’s take on traditional and contemporary Scots song. http://bit.ly/5Fh2lK

CD: Stereocanto by Fraser Fifield.
Great use of pipes and electronics. http://bit.ly/aw71KG

CD: A Shirt Of Silk Or Snow by Wendy Weatherby
Scots song and cello – a great combination. http://bit.ly/9PFgK8

Book: Awfy Braw – Oor Wullie Funbook
Fun games with Oor Wullie. http://bit.ly/55Q3Z6

DVD: Eric Bogle – Live At Stonyfell Winery (DVD)
Leading Scots export sings his own songs. http://bit.ly/9RbR8V

7. Foot Stompin’ Scotch Whisky

Foot Stompin’ and Master of Malt have again combined to offer you great deals on Scots Whisky. Here are two classic whiskies from the Highland region.

Oban 14 Year Old: This West Highland malt is still produced in the same unhurried, traditional fashion and this 14 year old is a classic dram from the Oban Whisky Distillery. £32.95 (should have been £39.95) http://bit.ly/daZdlj

Glenmorangie 12 Year Old Golden Rum Cask (70cl, 40%). A rare 12 year old Glenmorangie, finished in a dark rum cask. This was released before the range of LVMH Glenmorangie malts, thus the old-fashioned packaging… £79.95 http://bit.ly/cUKBEC

8. Foot Stompin’ Discussion Forum

Our forum is a busy place! Feel free to join in.

Here we go again – more Gaelic dissent in the North
Councillor slams spending on Gaelic education….

Copper and Brass
I’ve just dug out the old vinyl copy of this Dick Gaughan album and it’s nice to hear again

9. Testimonials

Wow! what speedy service! the CDs arrived with today’s post. Many thanks…..Kirsten

..You guys deserve any customer service awards going – you’re certainly doing it right…Many thanks again. AlyFinlayson

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Foot Stompin’ 4th February 2010 Newsletter

Breabach - the Desperate Battle of the Birds

Breabach - the Desperate Battle of the Birds

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On Sunday we celebrated the 10th BBC Radio Scotland Young Tradition Award. The very first winner was Gillian Frame back in 2001 and with her band Back of the Moon she made this great album Fortune’s Road. We’re offering it to you for £3.99! 60% OFF normal price. This offer is valid for One Week Only! Radio producer Steve Dieterich said of the album “Received this new album yesterday, and have already been through it 3 times! WOW!! I listen to 10+ new albums a week an “Fortune’s Road” got my attention right away. Very appealing.” http://bit.ly/cEp8ml

1. New Releases – includes Breabach, Stringjammer, Ronald Anderson Band
2. Legendary Scottish Bands: Ossian
3. The BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musican 2010 – The results
4. Snippets – Dick Gaughan Lifetime Achievement, Barbara Dickson, Valentine’s Cards
5. Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast – includes Breabach
6. Reviews – includes Alasdair Fraser and Jim Reid
7. Best Sellers: includes The Chair, Blair Douglas
8. Foot Stompin’ Scotch Whisky – Campbelltown Whisky
9. Discussion forum
10. Testimonials
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1. New Releases (remember if you’ve bought from us before you get our loyalty 10% discount off everything)

A GREAT BAND!! The Desperate Battle Of The Birds – Breabach: Breabach with their dual bagpipes, fiddle, whistles  guitar and song are one of the most inventive and diverse bands to have emerged from the Scottish folk scene in recent years. From their foot-stomping reels to their heart-warming songs, there can be no doubt why this acclaimed quartet have become a household name for many in the folk and roots music scene. Their second CD underlines their award-winning credentials with superb individual and ensemble playing coupled with skilful arrangements. What a fab CD! The album title comes from a legendary pibroch of the same name, Scotland’s oldest form of pipe music. £11.70 (£12.99 for first time customers)

WAY OOT WEST!! A Far Away Place: Folk ‘n’ Roll:  High energy exuberant acoustic music from the Isle of Lewis in a folk-rock style played by three young and very talented musicians. Fiddle, guitar and even djembe blast out tunes and songs that you can’t help but dance to. £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

HI THE ROAD!! Long Road Home (EP) – Stringjammer: An interesting six track EP of attractive yet quirky songs featuring ex Shooglenifty bassist Conrad Ivitsky on lead vocals. Not afraid of mixing up styles and genres, the band fuse Latin rhythms, with occasional twists of the Blues, but always staying close to the origin of their Scottish roots, working together toform a unique and refreshingly heady blend of tunes and songs. Conrad Ivitsky – vocals and strings;  Diane de Carabus – song, guitar; Jenny Gardner – fiddle; Pete Garnett – melodica; Willy Molleson – percussion; Mike Molleson – percussion, vocal. £5.39 (£5.99 for first time customers)

HIGHLAND REFLECTIONS!! Ma Sgaoil – Bi Beo: A second CD from the Gaelic band forging unique styles to self-penned folk/pop/rock songs. The songs are a reflection of island and Highland life, from dancing to the beauty of love, nature, the elements and the harshness of isolation and abandonment. Many songs carry a messages of love, youthful joy and reflections of childhood memories of growing up in the Hebrides £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

WATER MUSIC!! Scapa Flow – Ronald Anderson Band: A great mix of dance tunes, mostly from Orkney & Shetland and all played with style and confidence by Ronald and his excellent band of fine musicians. Ronald Anderson (accordion), Erika Shearer (fiddle), Colin Wilson (drums), Margaret Scollay (piano), and Jim Halcrow (2nd accordion). Great variation and tempo. £11.25 (£12.50 for first time customers)

Remember you can also buy from Foot Stompin’ by phone – +44 (0)131 441 3135. We take all credit cards. If you like a friendly voice at the end of your phone we’re here!

2. Legendary Scottish Bands: Ossian

Groundbreaking band Ossian were one of Scotland’s best folk groups ever. They were a unique and very special band.  Their instruments included harp, fiddle, smallpipes, whistles, cittern, mandolin, guitar, piano, bodhran, vocals. Ossian -named after the legendary 3rd century Celtic Bard and folk hero, was formed in 1976 and fast became a popular focus for a whole generation of up and coming traditional musicians.
Mae McKenna (sister of Hugh McKenna of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band) was introduced to a band formed by Billy Jackson, George Jackson and John Martin who at that time called themselves Contraband The band recorded one album on the Transatlantic label in 1974 but when shortly after Mae left to start a solo career Contraband disbanded in the Spring of 1975. Within a couple of years, Billy, George and John had joined forces with guitarist/singer Billy Ross to become Ossian. They recorded two famous albums Ossian (1977) and St Kilda Wedding (1978). More changes when Billy Ross left for a solo career but singer/guitarst Tony Cuffe stepped  and the band took on their most distinctive sound to date. Ossian went on to record some very fine albums and achieve wide international acclaim. To celebrate 20 years since the group was formed, a memorable Ossian reunion took place at Celtic Connections in 1996 and featured the line-up Billy Jackson, George Jackson, Billy Ross, John Martin, Tony Cuffe and Iain MacDonald. Tony Cuffe died in 2001 and George Jackson in July 1998.
Billy Jackson continues a hugely sucessful solo career both as a composer and performer. John Martin went on to join Easy Club and latterly is enjoying international acclaim playing fiddle with the Tannahill Weavers.

Ossian’s CDs are fast becoming hard to find. Check out the two albums available at Foot Stompin’:
Ossian (first album from 1977) £11.69 (£12.99 for first time customers) http://bit.ly/dCgoCl
The Carrying Stream (1997) £11.69 (£12.99 for first time customers) http://bit.ly/a3Wrgn

3. The BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musican 2010 – The Results

Six of Scotland’s finest young musicians battled it out on Sunday 31st January in the grand final of BBC Radio Scotland’s Young Traditional Musician Of The Year awards 2010 at Glasgow’s City Halls. Presented by Mary Ann Kennedy and broadcast live on BBC Radio Scotland as part of the Celtic Connections festival, the winner was announced as Daniel Thorpe from Inverurie who won the coveted title with fiddling performance.

Daniel was delighted with his musical accolade: “I am absolutely delighted and surprised. I’m still coming to terms with winning, I’ve got a permanent smile on my face and I think it’ll be there for the next three weeks!”

Read more about it… http://bit.ly/cbYILD

If you are in the UK you can listen to the finals concert: http://bit.ly/dnlChP
Watch video of the finals concert: http://bit.ly/aj4e6v

4. Snippets
Once in a lifetime!
Congratulations to Scots singer Dick Gaughan who was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award during the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards ceremony on Monday evening. Well deserved!

Another successful festival!
For the third year running,attendances at Celtic Connections Festival topped 100,000 with gross ticket sales reaching over £1 million.

Barbara Dickson Signs to Greentrax
We hear that Barbara Dickson OBE, the Dunfermline-born singer and actress has signed a contract for the Greentrax label and will record a new album for release in the autumn….

Great Photos!
Take a look at the pictyures taken by photographer Louis de Carlo of the Young Trads Birthday Bash at Celtic Connections Festival.

Alistair Hulett RIP
A talented singer, songwriter and internationalist, Alistair sadly passed away on 28th January.

Valentine Cards
Don’t forget to buy a Valentine’s Day card! Make your loved one feel even more special with a Foot Stompin’ card in Scots or Gaelic. £2.25 (£2.50 for first time customers)

Fancy learning some Gaelic song?
Glasgow fiddle workshop has started a Gaelic Song class, which runs every Monday night from 7.30 – 9.30 at Stow College. If you are a learner of the language, songs can be a great way of learning new vocabulary, increasing your proficiency in pronunciation and your confidence in using the language.

Breabach and Le Vent du Nord
Still a few chances to catch these two great bands on their current Scottish tour ..check where you can see them here

Hands up for Young Trad Ambassadors
A motion presented to the Scottish Parliament states that “the Parliament recognises the worth of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year competition’s finalists for musical excellence, as ambassadors for their nation’s culture and heritage and contributors to the wellbeing, both economic and social, of Scotland…” Excellent!

5. Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast
Here’s our February 2010 Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast. This podcast features all new releases. We start with the new CD from Breabach –  The Desperate Battle Of The Birds which is followed by Mairearad and Anna. Next is Conrad Ivitsky’s Stringjammer and then Ma Sgaoil (Unleashed) by Bi Beo. Then it’s Scapa Flow by Ronald Anderson Band and we finish off the programme with Folk ‘n’ Reel. http://bit.ly/oWIhn

6. Reviews

CD: Cora: Skalder Customer Review 5 Stars
This debut CD is amazing, some fantastic compositions played beautifully. A nice variety of tunes,I find it very difficult to choose a favourite but would say listen out for Esson’s Croft…Elaine

CD: I Saw the Wild Geese Flee -Jim Reid. Customer Review 5 stars
One of my all time favorite CDs (I wore out my original cassette!) to sing along with…….NY Scot

CD: Portrait of a Fiddler – Alasdair Fraser. Customer Review 5 stars
Sweet, sweet music..What a player!…. Erin MacRae
7. Best Sellers

CD: Huinka – The Chair: What a fab band! The 8-strong ‘The Chair’ from Scotland’s Orkney Islands set the floor alight with their superb brand of high energy “stomp” music.

CD: Maidean Dubh’ an Donais (The Black Stick of the Devil): Dr Angus MacDonald is one of the famous piping MacDonald brothers of Glenuig and this CD comes 19 years after his acclaimed album A’ Sireadh Spòrs. It is great!

CD: Mairearad & Anna. The girls are both excellent and inventive players and this their debut as a duo is a demonstration of their abundant talents.

CD: Air Chall :Lost. Rachel Walker. This is the third release from the talented Gaelic singer and again one is struck by the beauty of her voice.

Book: Manran (Blair Douglas):  The first published collection of Blair’s compositions has so many of his brilliant tunes.

CD: A Shirt Of Silk Or Snow: Wendy Weatherby’s album of songs and cello is proving very popular.. and quite rightly so, it’s lovely!

8. Foot Stompin’ Scotch Whisky

With our partners Masters of Malt we’ve got two more fabulous whiskies for you to peruse. We’re going to feature Campbeltown. Campbeltown whiskies are a curious mix. Characteristics include a defined dryness with a pungency, smoke and a solid salinity. Imagine a cross between the Lowlands and the Western Highlands with a pinch of salt thrown in for good measure.

There was a time when Campbeltown was the most prolific of all of Scotland’s whisky regions. Around a century ago there were as many as twenty-eight distilleries in the geographically smallest of Scottish appellations. Today there are but three: the newly founded Mitchell’s Glengyle, though it will be a few more years ‘til any Glengyle single malt whisky is bottled, Glen Scotia and Springbank, a distillery which produces three very different whiskies using different levels of peat and still combination. Campbeltown sits on the Mull of Kintyre peninsula protruding from the western coast, ‘mist rolling in from the sea’. It is the proximity to the coast that gives the whisky its salty tang. Campbeltown single malts are often superb aperitifs.

Springbank 10 Year Old: The 10 year old from the Springbank distillery in Campbeltown, a mixture of both bourbon and sherry matured whisky. The peat is present and quite pungent with an earthen rootiness. Notes of exotic fruits and a hint of salinity. £28.95 http://bit.ly/9TMpZz

Longrow 100 Proof: A 10 year old from the Springbank distillery, matured in bourbon casks before bottling at 100 proof, or 57% abv to you or I. The nose is of good body with a spirity sweetness and there are notes of marmalade and orange peel, hints of cut flowers and a vague iodine note. £40.95 http://bit.ly/c0lNvQ

9. Foot Stompin’ Discussion Forum
Our forum is a busy place! Feel free to join in.
Celtic Connections Highlights on BBC Two (Sunday)

Gaelic concert for Haiti

10. Testimonials

Wow! what speedy service!  the CDs arrived with today’s post.  Many thanks…..Kirsten

..You guys deserve any customer service awards going – you’re certainly doing it right…Many thanks again. AlyFinlayson

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Is Martin Simpson that good?

BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

Well of course he is but is it not ridiculous that he has been nominated AGAIN for Musician of the Year in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2010. If it were me I would be embarrased at getting the same nomination year upon year. Why are the panel doing this? Are there no other UK musicians worthy of this spot? How can the Awards be taken seriously when this happens year upon year. Is it favouritism? What’s going on? Can you imagine the Oscars submitting the same actor every year for Best Actor – they wouldn’t get away with it!