Foot Stompin January 20th 2010 Newsletter

Rachel Walker LostAt the end of January the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award is 10 years old. To mark this occasion we giving away the 2007 Young Trad winner Catriona Watt’s beautiful Gaelic song CD for £3.99! 60% OFF normal price. This offer is valid for One Week Only! One of our customers said “Wonderful wonderful wonderful – not often that I’m at a loss for words! But it’s the best thing I’ve heard for a long time”

1. New Releases – includes Rachel Walker
2. The Selkirk Grace
3. Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame – Ray Fisher
4. BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Awards Finals and Birthday Bash
5. Snippets – BBC Radio Scotland Young Trad 10 Years old, Kate McGarrigle RIP
6. Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 52
7. Reviews – Iain MacInness, Mairearad Green
8. Discussion forum
9. Testimonials
10. Foot Stompin’ on Facebook and Twitter

1. New Releases (remember if you’ve bought from us before you get our loyalty 10% discount off everything)

LOST AND FOUND!! Air Chall (Lost) – Rachel Walker: This is the third CD from Gaelic singer Rachel and again one is struck by the beauty of her voice. The album is a mixture of new and traditional Gaelic songs, and a song in English. Rachel is joined by some fantastic guest musicians including Jenna Reid, Kathleen Boyle, Angus MacKenzie, Ewan Robertson, Alec Dalglish, Barry Caulfield, James Graham, Norrie MacIver and a special appearance from Malcolm Jones of Runrig. £11.25 (12.50 for first time customers)

IAN NOT ROBERT!! Back Tae Burns (Part 1) Book – Ian Burns: Another in the excellent Fiddle Frenzy series of tune books published by Shetland Arts. This one features the works of talented composer and multi-instrumentalist Ian Burns (1932-1995). Shetland Arts plan to publish Ian’s tunes over three books and the first one covers 15 tracks – that’s 33 of the tunes written and recorded by Ian on his cassettes Spootiskerry, Sunnyside and The Laebrak. In 2001, Ian’s daughter June got the tapes made into a wonderful double CD under the title ‘Back Tae Burns’, a tremendous collection of Shetland tunes written and played by Ian Burns. Many of these tunes like ‘Spootiskerry’ are now Shetland standards, but gain extra meaning when you hear them played by Ian multi-tracking on fiddle, guitar, bagpipes, piano, mandolin and drums. It is fine tribute that Shetland Arts are publishing Ian’s fabulous tunes and we look forward to also stocking volumes 2 and 3 when they become available later in 2010! Back Tae Burns (Part 1) Book: £8.09 (8.99 for first time customers). Back Tae Burns double CD:£12.59 (£13.99 for first time customers).

GIE’S A SANG!! Scottish Songs (book): A collection of more than 80 traditional compositions arranged for voice and piano. The songs and ballads in this book reflect the rich heritage of folk music in Scottish life. Includes An Eriskay Love Lilt, O Can Ye Sew Cushions, Willie’s Gane Tae Melville Castle, Ae Fond Kiss and many more. There’s also a handy glossary of the Scots words used in the songs. £4.49 (£4.99 for first time customers).

FAMILY BAND!! The Perpetual Horseshoe – Ingrid & Allan Henderson: The two most prominent members of the talented Henderson family have been playing for years in various outfits including Cliar and Blazin’ Fiddles. We came across this early CD of them from 1994 made just as their talents were beginning to blossom. Both very fine musicians, the selection of great traditional tunes married to their obvious natural musicianship makes this an excellent album. £11.25 (12.50 for first time customers)

A NICE WEE PRESENT!! Robert Burns – The Illustrated Poets (book): This attractive, dainty wee book has a lovely selection of Burns poetry accompanied by classic illustrations. 72 pages, hardcover with a dust jacket, it is an ideal and inexpensive little gift and makes an excellent introduction to Burns poetry. £3.49 (£3.99 for first time customers).

Remember that you can also buy from Foot Stompin’ over the phone. Call us on +44 (0)131 441 3135. We can take all credit cards.

2. The Selkirk Grace
Robert Burns was touring Galloway in 1794 with his friend John Syme. They stayed with the Earl of Selkirk at his family home at St Mary’s Isle in Kirkcudbright. Burns would entertain the family with his humour, poems, songs and conversation and before each meal he would give Scottish toasts. One evening he recited an old version of a traditional Scottish grace known as the Galloway Grace or the Covenanter’s Grace which he changed to his style of recital and writing. The guests were impressed by this new Scottish toast and Burns published it as the Selkirk Grace in their honour.

Some hae meat and canna eat,
and some wad eat that want it,
but we hae meat and we can eat,
and sae the Lord be thankit.

More Robert Burns related products:

3. Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame – Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher is the first addition to the 2010 Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. As you will read below Ray has made an amazing contribution to Scottish traditional music.

Born in Glasgow, Ray Fisher is one of three out of a family of seven children whose musical talents have made the name Fisher synonymous with Scottish folk music. Ray, her brother Archie and sister Cilla have trodden their own distinct musical paths, each carving out an international reputation. Archie and Cilla did that from home bases in Scotland whereas Ray has spent most of her life in England. She has been a champion of Scots folk song over a generation and for a long time was the voice of Scots song in England and a constant at The National Festival.

In her early days Ray performed together with her brother Archie as a duo appearing regularly on television. When doing a folk club booking in Newcastle, Ray met and subsequently married Colin Ross, a member of the High Level Ranters, a decision that spelled the end of any lingering thoughts of her being a school teacher. Song would be her life, and so it has been.

The move to England turned her towards being essentially a solo performer and was a spur to concentrate on ‘the muckle sangs’, the big ballads which helped to establish her reputation as an artist.

Ray has been an essential link between an earlier generation of singers and the present. She is an effective tradition bearer, careful to acknowledge her sources and appreciative of what has been given to her. “I really treasured the material from earlier generations. Those people were giving us part of their heritage, part of themselves. It’s a way of saying, ‘we’ve been given a precious thing, here it is, and ‘thank you’.”….
Read the full text:

4. The BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2010 Finalists Concert and Birthday Bash

On Sunday 31st January the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award is 10 years old.. The Award exists to encourage young musicians to keep their tradition alive and to maximise their musical potential by the pursuit of a career in traditional music.This year’s final again takes place at the beautiful City Halls as part of Celtic Connections Festival. For every previous BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year – Gillian Frame, Emily Smith, Anna Massie, James Graham, Stuart Cassells, Shona Mooney, Catriona Watt, Ewan Robertson and Ruairidh Macmillan – winning the competition has been a major springboard to a professional career in music. The 2010 finals concert will be broadcast live between 5 and 8pm on BBC Radio Scotland.

Afterwards, at the Strathclyde Suite there’s a fantastic birthday party with as many of the finalists and winners from the past 10 years performing. Should be great fun!

BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award1010 Finalists Concert: 5pm. City Halls Glasgow Tickets: £12.50: Tel 0141 353 8000
BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Birthday Bash: 9pm Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Strathclyde Suite: Tickets £10.00 Tel 0141 353 8000
Tickets are also available to buy online

The six talented finalists in 2010 are:
Paddy Callaghan (accordion, harp)
Mairi Chaimbeul (harp)
Lorne MacDougall (pipes)
Hannah Phillips (harp)
Daniel Thorpe (fiddle)
Kyle Warren (pipes)

We wish them all the best of luck!

5. Snippets

More well-deserved recognition for BBC Alba
…the station has achieved eight programme nominations in several different award categories at the forthcoming Celtic Media Festival 2010 to be held in Ireland in April.

The Mither Tongue!
a Scottish Government survey about the Scots language shows 88% of Scots say the Scots language is an important part of our history and heritage; 86% agree it is a valuable part of our culture and identity; 73% say it contributes to our national cultural identity. 67% think it should be taught in schools. Fantastic!

Celtic Connections Scottish Songbook concert.
Here’s some great videos from Karine Polwart and her Celtic Connections Scottish Songbook concert. Well worth a look with many great performances and songs. Only available to viewers in UK.

Interesting reviews: Check out Foot Stompin’s collection of reviews from Celtic Connections.

Kate McGarrigle RIP
..of Canadian duo Kate & Anna McGarrigle has died. The sisters took part in the very first series of Transatlantic Sessions

Willie MacDonald RIP
Known affectionately as ‘Willie Barra’, he was a fine traditional singer and the first person to win the Traditional Gold Medal at the Mod

Good Luck to Mike Vass!
The young fiddler from Malinky has his ‘composition ” “Super String Theory” premiered at Celtic Connections Festival this weekend..

Fancy some FREE workshops?
An evening of song, instrument and foot stomping workshops with super bands Breabach & Le Vent du Nord is on offer and, it’s free! Takes place 1st February in Aberdeen. Breabach were nominated for Best Scottish Folk Band in the Scots Trad Music Awards and Le Vent du Nord is one of Quebec’s most-loved folk bands.

Don’t forget the ‘House of Song’
..led by Doris Rouge, it is one of the most successful features each year at Connections Festival. Unfortunately it has been inadvertantly missed out of the printed programme this year, but be assured it is taking place in the Festival Club every Friday Saturday and Sunday. All welcome!

6. Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 52
Here’s our mid January 2010 Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast. In this podcast we feature Gun Stad by Na h-Oganaich followed by duo Mairearad and Anna, We then have beautiful Gaelic singer Rachel Walker from her Air Chall :Lost CD. We seque into The Perpetual Horseshoe by Ingrid & Allan Henderson, then Maidean Dubh’ an Donais (The Black Stick of the Devil) by Dr Angus MacDonald. We finish off with Fraser Fifield’s Stereocanto.

7. Reviews
CD: Sealbh – Iain MacInness. Reviewed for The Scotsman.
A TIME-served past piper with the Tannahill Weavers and Ossian, as well as producer of Radio Scotland piping programmes, Iain MacInnes hasn’t made an album under his own name for a decade, so Sealbh – a Gaelic word suggesting inheritance and good fortune – is a welcome arrival. Steeped in Highland piping but also with a strong interest in the revival in Scottish bellows-blown pipes, MacInnes plays Highland, Border and small pipes here, with seasoned accompanists including fiddlers John Martin and Mairi Campbell, Ross Kennedy on bouzouki and guitar, and Simon Thoumire on concertina. Characterful repertoire ranges from some exuberant, Highland pipe-led jigs to a small pipes rendition of The Terror Time with David McGuinness providing brooding harpsichord backing. Other material, such as a set of old-fashioned quicksteps, is approached in an unhurried but considered manner, while a vivacious string of Lowland hornpipes culminates in a little number from one George Frideric Handel.

CD/DVD: Passing Places – Mairearad Green: Reviewed for The Scotsman
ONE from the heart, as Wester Ross piper and accordionist Mairearad Green does more than any tourist board to celebrate her native Coigach peninsula in her Celtic Connections New Voices commission, recorded at its premiere in January and exhibiting all the freshness and verve of live performance……On the DVD, Magnus Graham’s film, made as a backdrop for the premiere, sets the music against a cyclist’s-eye panorama of glowing scenery

CD: Gun Stad – Na h-Òganaich: Reviewed for Hi~Arts.
Na h-Òganaich (Gaelic for ‘the young ones’ often translated as ‘young blood’) formed early in 1971, following a concert in Dunoon ….The group recorded three albums for the Beltona Sword label, a branch of Decca Records – The Great Gaelic Sound of Na h-Òganaich (1972), Gael Force Three (1973) and Scot-Free (1975). Following several one-off performances over the past few years, the demand for Na h-Òganaich on Cd has grown. Rather than release the old albums on CD, the band decided to team up with Simple Mind’s Mick MacNeil and have produced a stunning album with new treatments of Na h-Òganaich classics.

8. Discussion forum
Celtic Connections Late Night Sessions
.. I have noticed that Celtic Connections has introduced a new event: CC Late Night Sessions, where you pay a fiver to listen to sessions. I can’t get rid of the feeling that the structure of folk music sessions is getting more and more similar to concerts….much more commodified, controlled, pre-planned events in pubs & at festivals alike.

“What is a Céilidh?” (Ceilidh)
I suppose it all depends on whether we’re talking about a “real” ceilidh…

9. Testimonials

Absolutely delighted with your service, got my first order from you within 24hours of ordering. very impressed and will recommend you to my friends. Well done. Rosemary Cowe

Just received my order (Finlay Macdonald CD) very speedy delivery. Thanks, Mariel Coates

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