Celtic Connections, the wonder that is!

Celtic Connections

Celtic Connections

Later this week the wonder that is Celtic Connections starts again. It really is an amazing achievement. Is there anywhere else in the world that has 100,000+ over its doors in January (or the rest of the year for that matter). Not only a lifeline to many musicians in January it caters to folks from all over the world. I’m always amazed at the organisation of the event. It is quite a small team but organising the amount of concerts, workshops, exhibitions and chats is no small achievement. Not to mention the organisation of the accomodation. I know from the Scots Trad Music Awards the work that goes into organising (I should say coordinating) of the musicians and delegates hotels. It changes right up to the last minute.

So I just want to wish the festival good luck for another (I would imagine) successful year and to mention that if anybody is looking for somewhere to go on the 1st February why not visit the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Finals in the City Halls (5pm). It will be hard to find a better night out. Keep abreast of the goings on at Foot Stompin’.

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