New Gaelic channel for Scotland – BBC ALBA

It’s an exciting time in Scotland at the moment with the launch tomorrow of the new Scottish Gaelic channel BBC Alba. Hands Up for Trad is one of the lucky recipients with the Scots Trad Music Awards being shown on in the 3rd week of December. It’s our first year on telly – the thing we’ve been aiming for since the start.

Anyway the Gaelic channel will be an excellent conduit for all Scottish traditional music and culture. A real chance to get our music heard. There will also be export opportunities for these new programmes in the North American and Australasion markets which can only help publise Scotland’s traditions. It can only be good for the Scottish film and tv industry as well. An excellent opportunity to develop the sector.

The one downside is it is not on Freeview. Seemingly it costs 3 million to do this but surely this is the main vehicle for getting the programme watched. It is available on SKY (channel 168), freesat and hopefully soon Virgin Media – they’re waiting for a channel number.

You can catch the launch tomorrow (19 September 2008) from 9pm.

Here’s an interesting discussion on the subject at Foot Stompin‘.

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